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Flexible and Printed Electronics Drives Sustainable Mobility

08.09.2023 at 15:00 - 15:45

Hall B2

Language: English

Type: Panel discussion

Lecture Description

Electric and autonomous vehicles have led us to new ways using and interacting with them. From today's vehicle control centre to tomorrow's leisure and entertainment lounge. Printed electronics enables endless design possibilities for the car interior. Thin, flexible and lightweight, printed electronics has the power to change the way you experience a car.

Wolfgang Clemens, PolyIC, presents how multi-dimensional touch sensors - already integrated in today's cars - will become complex intelligent human-machine interfaces.

Paul Cain, FlexEnable Technology, takes you on a journey through the next generation of cars with curved displays and smart windows – any shape, anywhere.

The panel will be chaired by Klaus Hecker, OE-A.,