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Valtteri Väisänen


Consultant, S&P Global Mobility at S&P Global


Valtteri works as a consultant S&P Global Mobility and is based in Frankfurt, Germany. His functional exposure primarily focuses on sustainability, as well as high-performance and luxury segments. Within these domains, Valtteri has tackled a broad set of questions, from analyzing market dynamics and regulatory forces to industry decarbonization and scenario analysis. Within sustainability, Valtteri has developed expertise in circular economy, sustainability reporting, and climate regulation driving industry decarbonization. His work includes business strategy in dynamic operating environments, market entry, institutional distance, and emerging markets. Valtteri leverages his background in helping clients to remain relevant in an increasingly complex environments. Prior to joining S&P Global Mobility, Valtteri has worked in consulting in Hong Kong, specializing on China strategy, international expansion, and market entry. He has also worked on consulting projects in London and has experience from organizational transformation and strategy implementation services in Helsinki. Throughout his industrial experience and studies, Valtteri has focused on topics that bring together both domains of political economy and the global business outlook. Valtteri holds a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration degree from Aalto University School of Business (Finland) and the CEMS Master in International Management degree jointly delivered at the London School of Economics and Political Science (UK) and Aalto University.