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Richard Dixon


Senior Principal Analyst, Automotive Sensors, S&P Global Mobility at S&P Global


Richard Dixon is senior principal analyst for automotive sensors at S&P Global Mobility and is the author of more than 40 consulting and market research studies. Richard has expertise on all aspects of passenger car sensors used in safety, powertrain, infotainment and body applications. Richard's responsibilities are comprised of the development of databases that forecast market demand for sensors deployed in more than 100 automotive applications, including more than 20 types of sensors, such as MEMS, magnetic, inductive and ceramic. His most recent research on future automated driving includes mapping the entire sensor requirement by engine and exhaust system at car model level and sensors. As part of his duties, he has supported organizations with custom studies ranging from future scenarios for car sensors to analyzing the automotive supply chain. Prior to S&P Global Mobility, he was senior analyst at iSuppli with responsibility for MEMS and sensors in automotive and industrial sectors. He worked as journalist in the semiconductor industry, and he has five years of experience in early-stage technology commercialization, e.g. for NASA. Richard graduated with a materials science undergraduate degree from the University of Greenwich, and he earned his doctorate from the University of Surrey, United Kingdom.