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Dr. Manuel Lösch


 at InnoCharge


Dr. Manuel Lösch is founder and CEO of the Karlsruhe-based InnoCharge GmbH, a high-tech start-up that offers software for the cost-optimized charging of electric vehicles. By closing the gap between e-mobility, electricity markets and power grid operation, InnoCharge sustainably increases the profits of its B2B customers such as charge point operators, electricity suppliers, and automotive OEMs. Previously, Dr. Manuel Lösch was head of an energy informatics R&D department at the FZI Research Center for Information Technology, focusing on the development of intelligent energy management systems for buildings, districts, and e-mobility. Manuel Lösch received his PhD in energy informatics from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with highest honors. His work at the intersection of computer science and energy economics focused on the flexibilization of electricity consumption to realize economic benefits and to enable power grids for a high share of renewable energy.